You Can Help

If you wish to help others who are learning, I invite you to offer something of your own experience of learning and using shorthand. Everything already on my websites is taken from my own past, learning at home and college, and office employment, but obviously just one person's experiences cannot cover everything.
This is your opportunity to pass on a nugget or two of your experience that may help today's learners, who may not have the benefit of a teacher to guide them as we older writers did in the years when shorthand was commonplace.

Any of the following would be of interest:
  • The advice you wish to give to a learner (whether eager or struggling/about to give up)
  • Anything that helped you or you have discovered worked well when learning or using shorthand in real life, techniques, attitude, mindset, materials, mnemonics, etc
  • Difficulties you had and overcame
  • How you learned e.g. self-taught, classroom, online course, or a mixture, and year or how long ago
  • Your shorthand system
  • Your uses of shorthand e.g. hobby, diary, employment
  • Your very approximate location e.g. India, USA, UK
  • Advice to left-handers

I do not need your full name or any contact details. I will summarise whatever I receive into the absolute bare basics of information and in my own words and none of your own text will ever be published in any way whatsoever or shared with anyone. This means there will be a delay between receiving messages and generating a page of useful information. Please note the eventual page will not be a forum type effort!

No personal replies will be undertaken, so I would like to thank you now in advance for taking the time and effort to contribute to help those who are learning. (Jan 2017)