About Me

I learned Pitman's New Era Shorthand aged 19 on a one-year secretarial course at a Further Education college in London UK in 1972-73. We covered all the theory in the first term, and worked towards various speed exams during the other two. I gained a certificate for 130 wpm, which I subsequently improved through evening classes a few years later to 150 wpm. The extra speed gained was essential in taking any stress out of writing from dictation at the workplace. I have found it a very useful skill to have, for both office work and home use.

Being artistically inclined, I enjoy writing shorthand and in 2009 I started my website to describe Pitman's New Era Shorthand in its entirety (although if you are a complete beginner you will need to follow a formal instruction book for graded lessons). Since then I have discovered that not only is shorthand taught very little nowadays compared to when I learned it, but also there is almost no reading material available for students once they have finished their instruction book, other than a handful of ancient books on Ebay and similar places. I am endeavouring to fill that gap with a variety of short pieces, some on shorthand itself and others written with a view to extending your shorthand vocabulary.

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My sites:


All the theory of Pitman's New Era Shorthand, learning advice, free downloads, and many links to sites for further shorthand interest.


Blogs and other reading articles in handwritten shorthand, for your practising and vocabulary extension. Every paragraph has the longhand text underneath with explanatory notes on outlines and phrases. The blogs started in 2012 on this blogger site and were moved to the reading site in 2016. Free monthly downloads of blogs PDF, facility drills PDF and zip of MP3 blog dictations. All the Snippets are kept here, but no text key for them.


Short pieces written in a more lifelike scribbled style, without longhand text, for you to test your shorthand reading skills. Only the last 2 months entries are kept here, but all entries since 2014 are present on the Reading website.

https://youtu.be/GmoKaQbjFJw  Demo of writing shorthand Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd)

https://youtu.be/bgqimduDWd8 Demo of writing shorthand with Noodler's flex pen

https://youtu.be/gZbYsEB_qN8 Demo of folding the mini booklets


Yellow Teddy's skills have progressed to running his own website where he keeps a diary of his local travels and artwork projects. No doubt he records the day's details in shorthand so he has all the info to hand when updates his diary web pages. Downloads including Colour and Cutout Nativity scene PDFs.


My photos of countryside, plants, flowers, skies, weather for artist reference or home hobby use.