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Shorthand Blogspot - Long Live Pitman's Shorthand
This blog offers reading practice in Pitman's New Era Shorthand, to help you with vocabulary extension and to improve and speed up your reading skills.

MONTHLY PDFS OF THE BLOGS Free PDFs of each full month's articles are available, with shorthand and text only, no photos. They are suitable for printing for A4 or A5 binder. One of each month's blogs is also made into a Facility Drill book PDF. Download from:


I aim to have the PDF available at the end of each month. If you wish to print the individual JPGs of the shorthand for further home study and practice, they will be "life size" at a width of 13 cm/5 inches, which is the line width they were written at. Please note that clipboarding articles may result in text only with no JPGs, whether you get the pictures seems to depend what programme you paste it into, and this seems to be a feature of the move from Picasa to Google Photos (the default location for storage of Blogger images), although the JPGs are saveable individually form here. You can copy and paste from my website much more easily, if you wish to make up your own printable pages, for your personal home study use.

DICTATION MP3s of all the blog articles are available from the page mentioned above, one ZIP file per month, posted at the end of each complete month, with an additional 40wpm dictation of the Facility Drill blog article.

ARCHIVE BLOGS All current and archive blogs, from April 2012 to present, are now located on www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk/blog-list.htm with the most recent two months (previous full month and current month in progress) duplicated here. The purpose is have all the reading material in one place, and to make revisions easier. The blog list page on that site also marks up those articles that are specific for shorthand practice, and for vocabulary. 

SHORTHAND DICTIONARY Free download options for this are available on the www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk/vocabulary-shorthand-dictionaries.htm If you need to search for a particular outline, you can also use search boxes on that website or the reading website.

Pitman's Shorthand is based entirely on logical principles to form the outlines for words, and there is no need for the tedious memorising of arbitrary shapes and ambiguous shortcuts. Regular practice in reading and writing shorthand is the only route to gaining the desired facility and speed. I hope you will be encouraged to persevere with your study, which will not only give you a useful skill but is also likely to improve your English and spelling, and your powers of concentration and determination.

A good quality flexible nibbed fountain pen and smooth non-absorbent writing pad go a long way to helping you to write fast. I have recommendations for affordable versions of these: www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk/pen-pencil-reviews.htm  You have enough to occupy you without struggling with rough paper or an inferior writing instrument. It is my hope that your new skill will provide improved employment prospects and thereby the means to upgrade your shorthand equipment.

The blogs are lightly vocalised, so that you can read unseen matter reasonably fluently, but when you write your own shorthand you will make your own decisions as to what vowels to include. Where a vowel sign is essential for meaning or distinguishing, this is indicated in the paragraph notes. All the phrasing falls within the methods recommended in instruction books and can safely be adopted by any writer. No "jargon shortcuts" are used. The General Reading pages on www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk are fully vocalised for those wishing to strengthen their knowledge of the vowel signs.

You can leave a public greeting in the Guestmap or Guestbook, or send a private comment using the Feedback Form www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk/feedbackform.htm

Pens used are Noodler's Flex, Noodler's Ahab Flex, Noodler's Konrad Flex, and vintage 1970's Senator Professional shorthand pen. The Noodler's pens are not expensive, and you can obtain them from:
www.gouletpens.com (USA) & www.purepens.co.uk

Inks used are:
Blue, Black, Blue-Black = Parker Quink
Red = Sheaffer Skrip
Green = J.Herbin: Lierre Sauvage
Purple = The Writing Desk budget range: Imperial Purple www.thewritingdesk.co.uk

All original material, images and text on this website is copyright © Beryl L Pratt and are provided for personal non-commercial study use only, and may not be republished in any form, or reposted online, either in full or part. If you wish to share the content, please do so by a link to the main URL of this blog site or www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk or www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk.