Friday, 14 April 2017

Instructor Phrases Section 2

These sentences practise the phrases in Section 2 page 196 of the Instructor, Circles, Loops and Hooks.

Please inform us of your experience in this subject before we put the plans into effect.

We know that* in this century we have seen many changes in this city and this has been discussed in the book.

At first cost means the cost is not more than that of materials and labour for the work.

It appears that the state of affairs of the company will be discussed on Thursday evening and the report will be available by Monday evening.

The people who have not returned from out of doors will miss the Thursday afternoon meal.

They received letters from us but sent no replies to us and we wondered what is going on.

* "we know that" Always avoid phrasing the halved version of a pair, e.g. know/note, may/might, can/could, to provide extra differentiation

As we have heard that the exam is Wednesday next, it appears that now is the time to revise.

The reports from the political association have been expected for longer than a month.

We have been informed by the medical association that the meeting will last no longer than an hour.

It is only necessary to check that the traders’ association* handbooks* have been returned to the correct place in the library.

We will contact the Incorporated Association of Medical Workers as soon as we can do so, which will be tomorrow.

The news in this statement regarding the low rate of interest will in our view cause concern.

* "traders' (associa)tion" This misses out one of the S sounds, but is still clear what is meant

* "handbooks"  The short form "hand" is in first position, and also "books" is in its own 3rd position through the line. Compare the outline for "notebooks" which should have the vowel written in (for extra clarity), and the B on the line to accord with the first vowel of the whole word, as normal.

At all events we will do it as quickly as we can, and we regret it can only be done next month*.

They will make their decision as soon as they have read the details in our statement that we issued last week.

Please come to the meeting Wednesday next, as we think that it may only be a short one of about half an hour.

Please explain the meaning of this statement, as we cannot be sure of what is meant by some of the terms.

I have to say that for his sake I hope he improves sooner rather than later.

By all means do come to the meeting, as we shall be able to meet the directors and local representatives*.

* Omission phrase "ne(k)s(t mon)th"

* "representatives" If the speaker says "reps" then insert the vowel, to ensure correct reading

The men are as well as usual and it is said they will only be absent for a day at the most.

The patient is as well as can be expected and he will only be here for a week or two.

Please make your report smaller than this, as we may need to read it out loud.

You must follow the rules as we do, as we cannot guarantee your safety any longer if you do not.

We now supply the food at all our own* functions, as we are no longer tolerant of poor service.

We are not satisfied with their work at all and are not tolerant of their unsatisfactory performance. (461 words)

* “at all our own” is similar to the outline for “tolerant”. You may prefer to write “at” and “all our own” separately.